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«Ranch 3H »

A cow-boy, some horses, and cattle … all settled to make you feel like being out west.

In the heart of Saint-Boniface, near Shawinigan city, small streams criss-cross peacefully the vast green fenced land. You can see, far away, the cattle grazing through the rolling land or sometimes on a flat land. In complete harmony with nature, a lonesome cowboy is attending to his daily tasks on the ranch. Mounted on his horse and accompanied by his herd dog he is ready to guide you through your very first steps… living the life of a cowboy.

Since the late nineteen eighties, your guide has been reinventing and bringing back to life the Far West traditions and legends. In a splendid scenery steeped with calm and serenity, you will get to know that a cowboy's work is never done!

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