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Quality meat

A quality meat means literally nature in your plate.


Respect and pace of nature are two points of paramount importance to Ranch-3H. A quality and abundant pasture plus a diet free from added hormones and antibiotics make up the long term treatment Ranch-3H cowboys have been reserving to the cattle.

Consequently, healthy content animals provide premium quality meat, rich in Vitamin E and linoleic acid (fatty acid) that can only be the most beneficial to your health. Cattlemen Magazine* underlined the linoleic acid impacts in the prevention of certain types of cancer and coronary diseases. And how about the rejuvenating effects of Vitamin E on your good general state of health! In addition, Vitamin E will help to meat preservation and red colour of your meat in your refrigerator.

Twenty-one days aging is the norm before selling any meat and is offered in 30 lb and more frozen boxes delivered to your door.


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August 2001 page 18
April 2001 page 56
Autumn 2002 page 50

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